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The accounts list (also referred to as the "General Ledger" or "GL" and Chart of Accounts) is a detailed list of all your accounts or ledgers. This article shows you where to find your accounts list, what each element of the accounts list means, and details where to find your account list for your divisions (if using divisions).

AVAILABLE ON: Practice Pro + Accounting ONLY




View your Accounts List

To access your accounts list, navigate to:

Accounting -> Accounts -> Accounts List




Here you will find a detailed list of your accounts. Below is a breakdown of the account details listed on this screen.





Account IDThis is a system ID that the Actionstep application uses to reference your accounts. This is *not* the account number that users will use to code transactions to accounts 
Account NameThis is the name of the account. This name will appear in dropdown menus along with the account number on a number of accounting and billing screens.
Account Number
This is the number used for ordering and classifying the account.
Account TypeThe account type categorizes what sort of transactions are processed using this account. The five main categories are Assets, Expenses, Liability, Equity, and Revenue with a number of subtypes also included.
RestrictionsThis column indicates whether there are any restrictions on this account. Types of restrictions are explained in the table below. 
TaxThis column indicates the tax rate applied to this account. When no tax rate is applied this column will display NT. 
Additional Info

This column includes the ability to link bank accounts.


SystemSystem accounts are used for the background calculations that happen in your accounting system automatically. For more information on system accounts see this article on system accounts. System Accounts 
MatterThis restriction indicates that transactions linked to this account have to be associated with a matter.
This restriction indicates that transactions linked to this account cannot be associated with a matter. 


Viewing Master Account List and Division Account List

Unless configured to use multiple divisions, your Actionstep system will come configured with a single division account list and a single master accounts list. The accounts list you are currently viewing is reflected in the “Display” dropdown. Your division account list will reflect the name of your organization while your master accounts list will be listed as “Master Accounts.” Both screens serve specific functions in your Actionstep system. 


Division Accounts List Users can use this list to view accounts installed for their division, link bank accounts, and enter opening balances.  For more information click here: Division Accounts List.
Master Accounts List Users can use this list to add, edit, delete, and install accounts for each division. For more information click here: Master Account List 



I can't see the display box or the dropdown for the master accounts?

Make sure that you are not in a division as you cannot access the master accounts from a division. To check this go to the top left-hand corner and click on your business name and then select switch division and select the header division (the one at the top) and then go to Accounting > Accounts > Account List and you should be able to see the display box and dropdown menu to access the master accounts. 


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