Actionstep Subscriptions

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This article explains Actionstep's billing process, prices, and subscription settings work.

WARNING: The Actionstep billing system is a fully automated process. Actionstep is a login-based subscription where the client (subscriber) is responsible to maintain the users and subscription settings correctly, in order for the billing to be correct. 


Subscription Settings

There are two ways that you can get to the subscription settings page. (Access to this screen is only available to Authorised Users.)

  1. The first way is by hovering over your company name at the top left of your Actionstep screen and clicking on Subscription Settings.
  2. The second way is by clicking on the Admin button at the top right of your Home screen and then clicking on Your subscription.




Both will take you to your Actionstep Subscription screen.

AS_Subscription_screenshot.pngOn the subscription settings page, you can:

  1. Update your credit card details.
  2. View/edit billing information (for example, name on the invoice, email address invoices are sent to, contact phone number, and billing address).
  3. View your transaction history and invoices.
  4. Change to annual billing.

NOTE:  Actionstep Support staff do not have access to this screen. 


Actionstep offers different product plans to deliver the best experience and value to law firms of all shapes and sizes. Please, see the Actionstep website for more information on pricing: Actionstep Pricing 


Q. Why is my payment not showing?

A. The Subscription Settings has a "Payment Information" section. If your payment is set to Credit Card with a valid number, the auto-billing run will charge the Credit Card and populate the receipt transaction. If the payment method is set to any other type, this will require our accounts team to manually receipt the payment. There could be a delay of up to 5 days for this to show.


Q. I have updated my credit card but my account hasn't been paid - why?

A. This is most likely because your credit card was declined for some reason. If this happens the person listed on your billing account will receive an email. Please contact your bank for details on why the transaction was declined. Once you have rectified the situation, please re-load your credit card since we remove the profile after a transaction is declined.


Q. I don't have a credit card, how do I pay?

A.  If it is not at all possible for you to enter a credit card, please email for the alternate payment methods in your jurisdiction.


Q. Why change to annual billing over monthly billing?

A. With annual billing you will receive a reduced priced over the year term when compared to monthly. 


Q. How can I change to annual billing?

A. You can change to annual billing by clicking on the see details when switched to annual billing button on the subscription settings page. Please read through the disclaimers and tick the boxes to acknowledge that you understand how the annual billing works and terms of use, then click Save.




Q. What happens if I want to add more users throughout the year and I am on annual billing?

A. Users added throughout the year are charged a prorated lump sum, based on which point of the year they are being added into the system.


EXAMPLE: Let's say you add another user to the Practice Pro plan 6 months into the year. They would be charged for half of the annual subscription. 


Q. What happens if users leave throughout the year on annual billing?

A. The annual billing option works off a 'seats' model, which means you can add or remove users freely within the number of seats you originally purchased for those 12 months. For example, if you needed to replace one of your users because one of your staff left, you would simply need to remove the original user first before adding the new user and there would be no additional charge.


WARNING: You will NOT be refunded for any vacant seats if users are removed and not replaced. 

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