Adding and Removing System Users (Admin)

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A system user is a person in your organization who accesses and uses Actionstep. System users are always linked to contact records in Actionstep. This means that all the matters, time records, tasks, and any other item that is assigned to a contact record can be viewed to see what the staff member has been doing in the system. 

In this article, you will learn how to add and remove system users.

Adding a System User

You can add users to your Actionstep system. 

Before you begin: 

To add a user to the Actionstep system:

  1. In Actionstep, go to Admin > Users & permissions. The Users & Permissions page appears.
  2. Click Invite new user. The Create User window appears.
  3. Click the Contact record drop-down list and enter the contact name.
    TIP:  If you have not yet created the contact record for this user, click Create New Contact at the bottom of this window and complete the process for adding a contact. See Creating a Contact Record for help. If you've already entered part of the name when you click Create New Contact, what you've entered will be added to the appropriate fields on the Create Contact form, based on your Contact name format (which you can set in Admin > General Settings > Additional Settings.)
  4. Provide the required information in the following fields:
    • Email Address: Enter the user's email address. If an email address has been set up for the contact record , it will appear in this field once you've selected their contact information in the previous step. 
    • Timekeeper initials: Enter the individual's initials.
    • Unique reference: Enter a unique reference for the individual. You can enter any text in this field, for example, many usually enter an abbreviated version of the individual's name.
    • System role: Choose the permission/ level of access the new user has. 
    • Division: Choose the division you want the user associated with. (See What is a Division? for more information.)
  5. Provide the optional information for the other fields, if needed. 
  6. To give the user the ability to add or remove users, select Allow this user to alter your subscription data. This creates an "admin with authority" profile. 
  7. Select I accept the billing changes and understand the terms of use to confirm you are aware of what potential changes adding this user to system will mean to your organization.
  8. Click Save. This will create the new login and send an email invitation to the new user.  



Removing a System User

You can remove a system user (and their ability to log in to Actionstep). 

NOTE:  Removing a user will not remove information associated with them in the system. Data is stored with the contact record, and not the login.

To remove a user from the Actionstep system:

  1. In Actionstep, go to Admin > Users & permissions. The Users & Permissions page appears.
  2. Find the user that you would like to remove and click Edit. The Edit User [Name] window appears.
  3. At the bottom of window, click Delete.
  4. Enter a reason for deleting the user.
  5. Select I accept the changes to my subscription.
  6. Click Delete.

TIPS:  You can change a user's log-in email address by 1) updating the user's contact record with the new email address, 2) deleting the current user/log-in, and 3) creating a new log-in using the new email address.

To restore a deleted user's account, create a new log-in with the user's contact record.



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