Anti-Money Laundering Matter Status

Modified on Thu, 18 Jan 2024 at 03:16 PM

To comply with the New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering regulations, Actionstep gives firms the ability to conduct a more detailed risk assessment for a specific matter type.

Allow a Matter Type to Record AML Review Status

To see the review status for a specific matter type you will need to enable the AML review status first.

  • To do this go to Admin > Matter Types > Select the matter type you would like to add the status to > Matter type settings.

  • Scroll down to other settings > Switch on "Record Anti -Money Laundering (AML) review status" > Click Save.

Review Status Display

Once the AML review status has been enabled for a matter type, all matters of that matter type will then show a Status indicator at the bottom right hand corner of the matter icon.

Editing/Setting the AML Review Status

To set/change the current AML status on an individual matter:

  •  click on the information icon (This is found at the top right of the matter).

  • Click Edit.
  •  Click the drop down box in the AML review status section and select the applicable status for the matter > Click Save.

Custom List View

You can add the AML status field as a column in your Matter List Views allowing you to filter and sort by that field. Head to Admin > Custom List Views > Matter List Views

  • Scroll down and click on AML, this will take you to the AML column definitions screen. Click on the column Name AML.

Review Status Merge Field

The AML Status has been added as a merge field variable. You can now include the AML status into your document and email templates. To find the AML review status merge field head to Admin > Document assembly > merge field list.

Data Import

When importing matters, you have the ability to specify the AML status for each matter. Admin > Import data > Matters import.

If you leave the column blank, the system will behave as follows:

  • During the creation process, Actionstep will automatically use the default value ( Not Started ).
  • During update, Actionstep will leave the status unchanged. 

Configuring AML Status in Workflows

You can incorporate the AML status field into your workflow's step change. As you progress through the matter step change process, you'll have the option to edit the AML status field

It can also be added to the initial step. This can be done by going to 

  • Admin > Matter Types > Workflow 

  • Edit workflow steps > Step Actions - AML toggle on > Save.

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