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Sometimes a client will make a credit card or ACH payment by mistake. In those instances, you will want to refund the online payment, which will result in you no longer having the money from that original payment and the balance of the client's credit card will be increased by the payment amount.

In this article, we will explain how you can use the Actionstep Payments Portal to find the transaction that needs to be refunded and to process the refund.


To refund a payment


All refunds will be withdrawn from your operating account even if the payment was made to your trust account. To make a refund (in relation to a trust payment) follow the instructions as below and then complete some additional steps as outlined here: Actionstep Payments - Refunding Payments (Additional steps for trust refunds)


Go to Admin - Payment Facility


Then go to Refund a payment - in order to refund a payment you have to know the EXACT transaction ID. To find the transaction ID you have to open the payments portal by clicking on the Payments Portal button shown below. 




The transaction ID must be exact - you can't search for the ID using this box or find the transaction ID by entering in a partial transaction ID. It must be exact. 



Accessing the payments portal

To access your list of credit card payments, you will first have to login to Actionstep's Payments Portal.

Open the Actionstep Payments admin page (Admin > Actionstep Payments, then click on Open Payments Portal).

You will be prompted to enter in your login details to the Payment portal to be able to proceed. Your login credentials to the Payment Portal will be different from your normal Actionstep login credentials.



Why do I need a different set of login credentials to access the Payments Portal?

The Payments Portal gives you access to be able to see details about your credit card transactions but also to be able to issue refunds and handle complicated matters like chargebacks. To ensure CDC compliance, we provide this through a third party partner who you will have to access with another set of credentials. 

This keeps your information and access more secure and ensures your compliance with regulations. 


Once you have logged in, you will be on the Payments Portal dashboard.

From the menu on the left of the screen, click on Payment History.


Find the transaction in the list 

Filter the list by clicking on the Sales, Authorizations or Refunds to see only transactions of that type.

Sort the list by clicking on the Sort By drop-down and choosing the value you want to sort by.

Use the Search box to find specific transactions.



Finding and Copying the transaction ID

There are multiple ways to find the transaction ID. For instructions please go to here:

Actionstep Payments - Finding Transaction ID


Refund the transaction

Paste the transaction ID into the bar (enter full transaction ID) and press enter. The screen will then show the full details of this transaction. To see more details click on the down arrow See payment items. 

Insert a reason for the refund and click on the green Refund Payment button. 




Once you refund a payment, find the corresponding invoice payment in Actionstep and reverse that entry to ensure your Actionstep records are accurate.


You will need to reverse the payment and then decide how to proceed based on the circumstances of the refund, does the invoice still need to be paid, will it be written off or a credit note added? These transactions should be processed as normal. 


A refund will take 1-2 business days to be processed. 


You are only able to refund a full payment you cannot make partial refunds. 


Any user on the matter that the payment was linked to will get an email notification of the refund with details of the transaction and the refund reason entered by the user. 

If you need to access a full list of refunds you can access this through the payment portal by clicking on Payment History and then selecting Refunds. 



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