Reporting on Credit Notes

Created by Allison Cloyd, Modified on Tue, 24 Jan 2023 at 07:15 PM by Robert Butler

There is no specific credit note report in Actionstep. 

Actionstep doesn't have a specific Credit Notes Issued Report but we can use the Bill List to filter the information. You can however create a list view of all credit notes. 


Bills List

Go to Billing -> Billing List -> Click Filter -> Show all available Filters

Type "CR" on INV NO. Click "submit". This will give you a list of all credit notes in the system.  Click "submit".



You can also click "More" to print/export this information



Payments List 

Go to Billing -> Payments -> Click Filter -> Show all available Filters

Click on entry type and then tick Credit applied and Done. Click submit. You will then see a list of any credits that have been applied against invoices. You can click More to print/export this information.



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