Fee Earner - Payment Allocation

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The Fee Earner - Payment Allocation report shows a breakdown of all payments against invoices for specific dates broken down by fee earner. 

Accessing the Report

To find the Fee Earner - Payment Allocation report head to Reports > Matter Reports > select Fee Earner - Payment Allocation

Clicking on the star next to the report name will add that report to your favourites, making it easier to find in the future.


Before you generate the report, there are a number of filters you can apply to control what results the report will give you.

Fee EarnerStart typing the name of the fee earner or click on the down arrow to search through the contact list to add a fee earner. You can add multiple contacts to this filter. The fee earner is the time keeper of any time entries against a paid invoice. 
SalespersonSame as above. The salesperson is the person who created the invoice. 
Invoices ForSame as above. The invoices for is the client who the invoice was created for. 
CurrencyWill show the currency of the system. Options are only displayed if you have multi-currenccy enabled. 
Invoice LayoutGroup by Invoice Line Item will show each line item in an invoice for every time entry

Group by Invoice groups each line by invoice not each time entry within an invoice

Fee Earner LayoutGroup by Fee Earner shows each fee earner's summary

Include Fee Earner by column shows one report with a column for fee earner.

Credits Payments Included will include credit notes and applied credit notes to invoices

Excluded will NOT include any credit notes or credit notes applied to invoices

Additional columnsDefault columns exclude Payment transaction numbers and participants IDs.

Include payment TX and Participant ID Columns include these columns

AmountsAmounts can be shown as GST Inclusive or GST excluded

GST Inclusive

GST Exclusive

Exclude write-offsIf unticked, write-offs will be included in the report

If ticked, write-offs will not be included in the report

Show adjustments as separate linesIf ticked, this will show any discounts/adjustments as separate (Non-Task Items) on the report.

If unticked, the discounts/adjustments will not be displayed.
Date Range
The start and finish dates in relation to payments against invoices.

This will include any payments received between 1st September 2023 and 5th September 2023.

Output Options

You have a range of output options for this report, including printing it, downloading it as a PDF, or saving it as a Microsoft Excel file.

Understanding the Report

The report generally consists of these columns:

Inv #: The unique reference of the invoice.
Inv For: The customer who has been invoiced.
Sales Person: The person who generated the invoice.
Matter ID: The unique reference of the matter. 

Matter Name: The name of the matter. 

File Ref: Optional alternative matter reference.
Description: Description of time entry that was included on the invoice.
Inv Date: Date of the invoice.
Payment Date: Date the payment was made against the invoice.
Item Amt: Amount of invoice or time entry (depending on view used)

Paid: Percentage of invoice/time entry that was paid. 

Payment Amt: Amount of payment.

As shown below this report shows a breakdown of each fee earner's paid fees for the period selected, it can also show any adjustments/discounts (Non-Task Items) and gives a summary at the end of the total collected fees per fee earner for the time frame selected, the percentage of fees that have been paid in relation to the dates provided and the total payment amount.

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