Reporting on Fee Adjustments

Created by Allison Cloyd, Modified on Tue, 24 Jan 2023 at 07:43 PM by Robert Butler

This article explains how you can report on fee adjustments. 


During the billing process, you can report on fee adjustments in the Bills List. 

Go to Billing > Bill Production and you can see a column labeled Fee Adjustment. 



NOTE: The bill production list is not a static list meaning that it changes and bills are removed from the list as they are produced so this list will not give you a list of all fee adjustments it will give you a list of adjustments as you are invoicing. 


Client Profitability Report

The Client Profitability report will report on all fee adjustments. For more information see here: Client Profitability Report


Custom List views

Unfortunately, there is no way to report fee adjustments in custom list views.

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