Producing Debtor Statements

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This article will explain how to produce Debtor Statements that can be sent to your clients indicating all their outstanding invoices that are now due/overdue for payment.  Debtor Statements can be produced for single participants (single clients) or multi-participants (where there are multiple clients on the invoice).


A Debtor Statement is a consolidation of all the outstanding invoices for a particular client. It is an accounting function rather than a matter specific function.

It's a good idea to print and send these at the end of every month. 


Using the Reports section to Produce Debtor Statements

Single Participant Debtor Statements

Go to Reports > Accounting Reports > Debtor Statements




This will give the option to set the date of the statements and to just select clients who have outstanding balances as at that date.




Debtor Statements are only produced by Client and not by Matter.


Once selected, clicking the 'Submit' button will give you a list of the available templates in the system for the print layout.


Make your selection, click 'Next' and the 'Print' icon.  Do not select the email option.  Please refer to the section - Printing a Statement from the Aged Receivables List which explains how to print and email individual debtor statements to clients.


Example Debtor Statement



Multi-Participant Debtor Statement

Go to Reports > Accounting Reports > Debtor Statements

This will take you to the Debtor Statement Report screen. Select the option - Click here for multi-participant statements which will then take you to a Debtor Grouped Statement Report.


Here you can select the clients and set the statement date in order to print the Debtor Statement.


This option is useful for following up with multiple clients per invoice who have funds owing to you. You are able to mass print separate statements for each set of Clients with an outstanding balance in one go, making it easy to chase up those funds owed.


Printing a Debtor Statement from the Aged Receivables List

Go to Accounting > Tax Invoices (may also be called Sales) > Aged Receivables



This takes you to the Aged Receivables List and from there, is a direct link to the 'Statements Report' which takes you to the Debtor Statement Report screen (as above) where you can print all the statements.



There is also the option to print and email individual statements from the Aged Receivables List.

Click the Search button and specify the date you will be using for the statements.  You can also search by Debtor and other search parameters.


Once the search criteria have been applied, the list will filter to give you the relevant Debtors.  Click on the select box beside the Debtor you wish to print a statement for and select 'Print Statement'.


Click 'Next' and then the 'Print' icon. From here, you also have the option to email the individual statement to the client.



NOTE: It is also possible to print out a Debtor Statement from the Aged Receivables from within a matter.  However, this will pick up all matters for the client.



Using the Debtor Activity Report to print a Debtor Statement.

Go to Reports > Accounting > Debtor Activity Statement

This report allows the user to produce a historical transaction listing for a specified client. It doesn't specifically show which invoices are open, it gives a running balance within a date range.

The Debtor Activity report will also calculate any finance charges due.


NOTE: Remember to reconcile your bank accounts prior to running Debtor Statements to prevent those calls where the funds may not yet have been applied at the statement date.



Q. Is it possible to send an email providing a summary of outstanding invoices to a client, rather than sending a Debtor Statement as an attachment?

A. Yes, you can set up a Debtor Email template which uses merge fields to pull through the details of the overdue invoice amounts, dates and outstanding total. Please refer to our section on Email Templates


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