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To add documents to a topic, left-click on the topic and choose 'Add Document' from the dropdown menu.

Click 'Choose File' to locate the document on your local computer and then give the document a display name for the table of contents.

You can upload any type of file to the Knowledge Base, but how they are presented to the user will depend on the file type and the user's browser settings. HTML and image/video files (JPEG, PNG, etc) will usually display automatically in the content pane. PDF and Word documents will either display or download depending on the user's browser settings. Most other files will download when the user clicks on the file name in the table of contents.

File Names are case-sensitive so MyFile.html and myFile.html are treated as separate files.

Avoid using spaces and special characters in file names if possible.

Editing HTML Files

There are a variety of HTML editors you can choose from. MS Word can save documents in HTML format however it inserts a lot of MS-specific formatting that can make it difficult to work with. We recommend using a simple HTML editor that does the basics well. 

Uploading Linked Files to HTML Documents

If your HTML document references local image or CSS files then you will need to upload these separately. References to fully qualified URLs (e.g. do not need to be uploaded; it is only necessary for local references e.g. ./images/myphoto.gif.

To upload images, first upload the HTML document and then left-click on the document name and choose 'Edit Images'. ActionStep will create a special image directory for each document. The directory name will be the HTML file name followed by '_images'. In the screenshot below the filename is kb_cover_page.html and the associated images folder is kb_cover_page.html_images.

Be sure to change the image path in the HTML documents to point to the ActionStep images folder e.g. <img src="./kb_cover_page.html_images/my_image.png"/>

Alternatively, you can upload these linked documents to a sub-topic called 'system files' for example and then simply reference them directly e.g. <img src="./my_image.png" />. You can hide this sub-topic from the users using permissions. 

This is quite a useful option for CSS files that might be referenced by several HTML documents.

TIP: Upload CSS files to a sub-topic so they can be referenced by all the HTML files.

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