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This article contains answers to common questions about contact records.

I need to edit a contact (name spelled incorrectly), and my system won't let me edit. Why?

In order to edit a contact, you need to get to the contact record from the contacts list (or the search box). 

This is to prevent a user from changing the name of a contact in a matter when they have added the incorrect contact to a matter. Previously we had issues where users would change the name (thus affecting every instance of that contact record), rather than removing the contact and adding a new one.

I'm unable to delete a contact record. Why? 

All data is saved against a contact record. If you have used the contact record in any billing transactions, matters, etc. you cannot delete the contact record. 

For more information on this subject, please see our article on Unable to delete a contact record.

How do you load a picture to a contact?

To set a profile image for a contact:

1.)Open up the contact record

2.)Click on the placeholder image at the top left of the screen (if replacing an existing one, click on the existing image)

3.)Select the image from your computer

4.)Click Save and there you have it

This also works for replacing existing profile images.

How do I remove access to Actionstep for a staff member?

See our page on logins here: Adding/Removing System users

How do I assign actions/matters from a former staff member to a new one?

You can assign actions, and tasks that have been assigned to one System User to another by following the steps below:

Admin > Participants > Reassign Logins


Because you will want to keep your records as accurate as possible you can choose to only re-assign matters and tasks by their status. For example, you might want to only assign "active" matters to a staff member so that closed ones still record who was responsible for the matter. You can also replace the person as the Actions participant and choose which is appropriate. For example, if the company ever did work for a staff member in any action then you do can choose not to replace them every time they appeared as a client.


If our company changes its name what do we need to do?

If you are going to change your company name then there are a few things you need to keep in mind in Actionstep.


Changing the name as it appears in Actionstep

There are three records that you will have to update:

The Contact record for your company (click on the database name in the top left of the Actionstep screen and then select Organisation/Division Contact record.

System Preferences. Found under Admin > General Settings

Billing details. If you click on the name of the company on the left-hand side of the screen and choose Subscription Settings. There will be a button that reads "Edit Billing Information". Click on this and update the details.

Other things to consider updating

The logo on your System Preferences (Admin > General Settings).

Check the document templates you have loaded. If you have set these up correctly they should pull the information from Actionstep but sometimes people hard code the name and logos into their documents which means they will all need updating. 

Bank accounts. If your bank account is changing then you will need to update these details. If you are moving all funds from one account to another on the same day then you can just update the the bank account name and number on the Accounts List. If you will be running more than one account at the same account you will have to add the new accounts to your chart of accounts. See how to do this on the Master Accounts.

If you will be running another trust account in conjunction then it will have to be added to your trust configuration. 

How do I view a list of all of my system contacts? 

To view a list of all of your contacts within your system, hover over Contacts and select "Contact List".


Here, you can view all of your system contacts. You can also filter by Name, Address, Phone Number, Etc. 


If you wish to get even more specific, you can add more filters through our custom list views. To do this, go to Admin > Custom List Views > Contact List Views > Select your contact list > Select "Add Column" mceclip3.png

Here, you can view the available filters under "Participant Data" 


For more information on creating custom list views, please view our article on Creating Custom List Views

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