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At times, you may no longer need to include a contact in your Actionstep Contacts list. As long as the contact is not associated with any accounting transactions, you can remove contact. This article shows you how to delete a contact record. It also covers a few scenarios where you cannot delete a contact and provides workarounds for these situations.

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Deleting a Contact

In many cases, you can delete a contact from Actionstep. 

To do this:

  1. In Actionstep, use the Quick Search box to search for and select the contact you want to delete. (See Using the Quick Search Box to Search for a Matter or Contact for help.)
  2. While viewing the contact record, click Edit.
  3. Along the bottom of the window, locate the Delete button:
    • If the text on the Delete button is red, click the button to delete the contact. The contact is removed from your list.
    • If the Delete button is grayed out, hover over the icon and review the reason why this contact cannot be deleted. Once you've resolved the issues, try again. (See the next section, "Resolving References for Contacts You're Trying to Delete", for help resolving common issues.)

Resolving References for Contacts You're Trying to Delete

You may experience issues while trying to delete a contact. Please review the following reasons and possible solutions.

Issue: Contact is Associated with a Matter

If the contact is a party on a matter, you must remove the contact from each matter they are associated with. 

To do this:

  1. In Actionstep, while reviewing the contact record you want to delete, click the Matters tab. The view changes to show the different matters the contact is associated with.
  2. Click the matter link in the Name column.  The matter is opened in a new tab.
  3. Click the Parties icon. This shows the Parties page. 
  4. Click the menu icon next to the contact's name you want to delete and choose Remove Party. The contact is removed from the Parties list for the matter.
  5. Repeat this process for any additional matters the contact is associated with. 
  6. Once all matters are removed for the contact, edit the contact again (as described in the earlier section, "Deleting a Contact") and attempt to delete the contact.

Issue: Contact is Associated with Accounting Transactions

Once a contact is linked to an accounting record, you cannot delete this contact—even if you remove all the accounting records. Instead, you can rename the contact so that it appears last in your contacts list.

To do this:  

  1. While editing the contact record, add ZZZ to the beginning of the Name field. (If you need help editing the contact, see Steps 1-2 in the previous section, "Deleting a Contact.")
  2. Click Save to save your changes. 

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