Adding a Contact

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In Actionstep, each person you work with at your firm can be added as a contact, including your clients, suppliers, contacts at other law firms, government bodies or representatives, and so forth. Each individual or entity has its own contact card which you can then add to a matter or file. 

To create a contact record:

  1. In Actionstep, click the Global Create button and choose Contact from the list of options. The Create Contact page appears.
  2. Select the Identity type drop-down list and choose whether the contact is an Individual (e.g., a client or attorney) or a Non-Individual (e.g., a client organization, bank, etc.). Which option you select here determines which fields are available on the page. 
  3. Complete the remaining fields on the page, noting the following:
    • Identity and Personal information fields are available for Individual contacts only.
    • Miscellaneous information includes IRD# / NI# fields for individual contacts, while GST# / VAT# fields are available for non-Individual contacts. 
    • Under Relationships, you can associate contact records with other contacts. Relationships on contact records are bi-directional, and you can set up pairs as forward and reverse relationships.
    • Under Default Contact Types, you can specify what type of contact you are adding here. If additional information is needed based on your selection, it will appear in its own Custom data for [type] section. When creating a workflow, you can choose to restrict parties to a particular contact type.
  4. Click Save when you are finished. To save your work before you are finished, click Save and edit more.

TIP: To use common data you've already entered for a different contact record, click the Copy details from drop-down list and choose the contact name.  


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