Office Plugin Requirements

Modified on Thu, 16 Mar 2023 at 05:51 PM

In this article, we'll go over some of the basic system requirements for the Office Plugin.


System Requirements

The plugin is a desktop application designed to allow users to assign emails from Outlook to Actionstep, and to save/edit documents to and from Actionstep. For these functions to work correctly, it is recommended that you:


  • Operate on Windows 7 or any OS released thereafter
  • Allow each user to have admin authority over their PC [1]
  • Do not reconfigure the virtual folder path that Actionstep relies on to store the security token [2]
  • Use Office 2013 or anything released thereafter
  • Do not have multiple other plugins enabled within the Office products
  • Do not operate on a terminal server [3]


[1] The plugin allows data to transfer between Actionstep and a local system – in order to transfer data to and from certain areas of that local system, Actionstep requires the user to have admin access.

[2] The plugin is authorized through a security token, which is then stored against a virtual folder path in the user’s local system. If this folder path is altered, the Protocol Handler that opens Office from Actionstep will not be able to find the security token, thus making it impossible to use the ‘Open from MS Office’ option in Actionstep.

[3] Because of the administrative access the plugin demands, as well as the fact that it needs to install an .exe file and store a security token within the local directory, terminal servers will not be able to accommodate the plugin.



Warning: Please note that, due to an update to infrastructure brought about by an OS update, the plugin currently does not work in Mac environments. Also, these are only the most basic requirements and there could be more factors contributing to the usability of the plugin.


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