The Aged Payables Report displays current and overdue supplier invoice balances grouped by supplier. The report helps determine the amount to be paid to suppliers and the ageing of the associated invoices.



In some systems, the term 'Supplier' may be replaced by 'Vendor.'


Accessing the Aged Payables Report

You will find the Aged Payables report under Accounting reports.

Go to Reports at the top of the Actionstep screen, choose Accounting Reports. On the resulting screen, you will find the report under the Payables section. 


Report Configuration options


Before running the report, enter the details of how you would like the information to be displayed. Explanations of the filters and settings are below.

As-at date

This date dictates the invoices to be included on the report and the date criteria for which the invoice is aged. Invoices with an invoice date (or due date if selected) will not appear on the report. If an invoice was paid today, setting this date as yesterday would show the amount to be paid at that time. This allows for insight into what was owed at a given point in time. 

Report Type


'Detailed (by invoice)' displays a table row for each invoice. The table below displays suppliers invoices numbers 4 and 1.


'Summary (by customer)' displays a summary row for each supplier. The figures in the row sum amounts for all invoices from that supplier.


Report On


The 'Report On' Option uses the As-at Date to calculate the ageing. Ageing can be determined by Invoice Date or Payment Due Date.

Order By


This determines the order that records display on the report tables. 


The Order By option is only applicable to the Detailed Report Type, as the data points to determine the order are not available on the Summary table.


Limit to Participants


This allows you to select if you want to run the report for all suppliers/vendors or for nominated individual suppliers. Multiple participants can be selected.

If a participant is selected in 'Limit to Participant(s),' the report will only display results for invoices where the selected participant is the supplier. 



The currency field dictates which invoices display on the report by currency. Only invoices of the selected currency will be displayed.

Selecting the 'Generate' button will download a PDF of the report.


Understanding the Output of the report

The report will generate as a PDF available to be downloaded by your browser.

At the top will be the name of the report and the address of the firm generating the report.

After that will be a summary of the settings that were applied to this report when it was run.


With the 'Detailed (by invoice)' display option, you will see nine columns in the report, we explain each of these below.

The results will be broken down by supplier/vendor that you owe payment to, displaying the details of that supplier (their name and contact details).



This is the matter that the supplier invoice/vendor invoice is linked to (if any).

Our Ref

The Actionstep reference for the supplier invoice/vendor invoice. This is your reference number for that record.

Their ref

The reference that they, the supplier/vendor have on the invoice that they sent to you. This is their reference number for that record.

Invoice date

The date of the invoice.

Total due

The total that is owing to the supplier for that invoice.


& the columns for the three months prior

The current column and the three columns after it will be used to give an indication of how aged the amount owing is. 

The months that are displayed will change based on when you run this report.

If the supplier invoice is due in the current month (the month of the date that you run the report on) then the amount will appear in the current column.

If it is due in one of the three previous then it will appear in the column representing that month.

If the amount has been due for longer than the last three months it will still appear in the last column.