Creditor Activity Report

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The Creditor Activity Report provides a statement of Purchase transaction history (invoices, credits and payments) with a running balance within a given date range. This report is useful for viewing updates of your money owing to particular creditors.

Accessing The Creditor Activity Report

Head to:

  1. Reports.
  2. Accounting Reports.
  3. Creditor Activity Report.
  4. To generate the report you will need to fill in the following information:                                                                
  • The dates that you want to run the report  
  • From & ToEnter the name of the creditor.
  • Select a matter number if you would like to limit the report to a matter (this is optional).

Click the Generate Report button.

You will be able to print or download a copy of the report as an Excel or PDF file.

Understanding the Creditor Activity Report

Header and Output Information

FromThe first date on which to report.
ToThe last date on which to report. Creates a span from the From date to the To date.
CreditorThe vendor or supplier of the invoice.
Expand/contract display buttonThis button controls the on-screen display of the report. 

When the arrows face out and the button is clicked, the report will span the width of the window.

When the arrows face in and the button is clicked, the report will display with space on both sides of the screen. 

Expanding the display can be useful for longer text values in some table rows to avoid them spilling over to the next line.

Show settings buttonDisplays the configuration options for the report. Once displayed, the configuration options can be hidden by selecting the Hide settings button.
ReloadThis button will re-generate the report. This can be useful if changes are being made while viewing the report to see difference between before and after the changes.
Generated StampDisplays the name of the user who generated the report, as well as the date and time the report was generated.
PrintThis will launch your browser's print dialog. The behavior and display of the dialog is dependent upon your browser and workstation settings.
ExcelDownloads the report in xlsx format
PDFDownloads the report in PDF format


Creditor Table

Opening Balance (row)Balance owed as of the From date
TX DateThe date of the General Ledger transaction for the row item
TX IDThe ID of the General Ledger transaction for the row. The ID is hyperlinked to the GL Transaction Details report for the selected transaction. This report provides further details on the transaction.
Journal MemoFor rows describing a Supplier Invoice, this displays the "Supplier Invoice" followed by the invoice number and ID (sequence number). 

For payments, this displays "Withdrawal" followed by the withdrawal ID and the text entered in the withdrawal Journal Memo field.

Withdrawal Journal Memo field:

Their ReferenceUnique identifier sent from the supplier.
InvoiceThe total amount of the invoice.
PaymentThe amount paid on the invoice.
BalanceThe amount which can be paid on Supplier/Vendor invoices.  
Closing Balance (row)Running total from the opening balance plus the invoice amount, minus the payment amount.

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