Holds placed on a payment

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While very rare, come transactions can have a temporary hold placed on them while they are reviewed by the Actionstep Payments risk team. In this article, we talk about what you will see when that happens and what it means. 



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What does a hold mean?

A hold placed on a credit card transaction will delay the processing of that transaction while the Actoinstep Payments risk team reviews the transaction and ensure that it is not a fraudulent transaction. The majority of held transactions are processed within 12 hours of being created. 

If our risk team believes the transaction to be fraudulent, then it will be canceled and Actionstep will reach out to you directly.


Why a transaction could have a hold placed on it?

At times a transaction might be picked up by our risk team as it is unusual. This can happen because it is a transaction that is different from what is expected. It may be for a higher amount than your client's typical pay or it might be an unusual volume of transactions from a specific customer.

These holds are almost always temporary while checks are made and ensure that credit card fraud worldwide is minimized.


What you will see when a transaction has a hold on it?

Typically you will not notice a transaction that has had a hold placed on it. You might see a "Held" tag placed against transactions when looking at your listed transactions in the Actionstep Payments portal.


Actionstep Payments will not send a notification about a hold You will only be notified if the payment is canceled.


What a hold on a transaction will mean for your Actionstep Payments account?

In most situations, a hold will merely be a delay in the funds being taken from the credit card and applied to your account. Once the hold has been removed, Actionstep Payments will process the transaction like any other, making the invoice as paid and depositing the money into your bank account.


If you have any further concerns about a transaction that has had a hold placed on it, please contact Actionstep support. 

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