Actionstep's Payments Portal

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Actionstep offers you a portal to view your credit card transactions and their details as well as to manage refunds and Chargebacks.

In this article we will show you how you can access the Payments Portal and how you can use the functions within it.


NOTE: Actionstep Payments is currently in Beta testing. If you would like to be part of our Beta testing group, please reach out to Actionstep Support.


Accessing Actionstep's Payment Portal 

To access Actionstep's Payments Portal, open the Actionstep Payments admin page (Admin > Actionstep Payments), then click on Open Payments Portal.

You will be prompted to enter in your login details to the Payment portal to be able to proceed. Your login credentials to the Payment Portal will be different from your normal Actionstep login credentials.


 Why do I need a different set of login credentials to access the Payments Portal?

The Payments Portal gives you access to be able to see details about your credit card transactions but also to be able to issue refunds and handle complicated matters like chargebacks. To ensure CDC compliance, we provide this through a third party partner who you will have to access with another set of credentials. 

This keeps your information and access more secure and ensures your compliance with regulations. 


Once you have logged in, you will be on the Payments Portal dashboard.


Navigating the Payments Portal

Using the menu on the left of the screen, you can navigate to the various options available in the portal





Here you can see an overview of how your credit card payments. Some panels, when clicked on will allow you to see further details. 



Payment History

Here you can see a list of all credit card payments that have been processed. You have the ability to change what information is displayed in about each transaction. See Viewing a list of Credit Card Transactions for more details.



Infrequently, a client can challenge a credit card payment. This is called a chargeback. You can challenge a chargeback or provide further information about what the payment was for to avoid incurring a charge back. This screen will display details of any disputes or chargebacks you get and allow you to respond and be updated about them.

See Understanding Credit Card Disputes for more details on chargebacks.


Payment Returns

While very unusual, a payment might not be able to be processed through the credit card provider and might be represented as a returned (unprocessed) transaction.

In this list you will see any payments that are affected like this.


/helpdesk/attachments/150002487429 Management


Here you can issue access to your colleagues so that they can access Actionstep's Payment Portal. Access is not linked to a Actionstep's user access so if you would like other staff members to be able to access the payments portal, you can create and manage your users here.

See Managing users in the Actionstep Payments Portal for more details.




Here you will see the withdrawals from your Actionstep Payments account. This will show the settlement of your credit card payments, where the sum of all payments that are ready to be deposited to your account are processed.  

See Withdrawals from your Payments Balance for more details.



Here you will be able to run various reports to give you insights into how your credit card payments are being interacted with. 


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