Delete/Archive a general ledger account

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This article explains how we delete/archive a general ledger account in your accounts list/chart of accounts or general ledger. The accounts list affects everything that happens in Actionstep accounting, including how you record income and expenses and the layout of your financial reports.


WARNING: You can only delete general ledger accounts that have not had any transactions posted to them or any opening balances. If you have used the general ledger account you will need to archive it.  


Available on Practice Pro + Accounting


Delete a general ledger account

Navigate to Accounting > Accounts > Account List



To edit an account click on the dropdown next to display and select Master Accounts 




To edit an account click on the name of the account (the name of the accounts will hyperlink when you hover over them).


You will then be presented with that accounts edit account screen. Click on the red Delete button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. /helpdesk/attachments/150002489264 


You will be directed to a delete screen. 



You will need to write a description about why you are deleting this account and click on the delete selection. 

If no transactions have been posted to that general ledger account (including any opening balances) it will be removed from the accounts list (remember you need to refresh the screen to see the deletion) and the account will no longer exist. 

If you get an error like the one below. 


You are unable to delete the general ledger account as it has transactions posted to it. If you want to discontinue use of this account you will need to archive it. 

You can follow the same instructions as above. However when you get to this screen.


Click on the blue archive button.  


TIP: You can only archive accounts that have zero balances. This will prevent users from being able to post transactions to this account going forward. 


If the account has a zero balance it will be archived and no transactions can be posted to it. If it does not have a zero balance it can't be archived until it has a zero balance and the opening balance has been removed and general journaled to another account. 



Q. I am getting this error what do I need to do? 





A. This means the account does not have a zero balance - you will need to run an account entries report - see article here on account entries report: Account Entries Report on the account you are trying to archive and find the closing balance. This closing balance then needs to be journaled to a different account before you will be able to archive it. If you are not sure how to do a journal or where the balance needs to be journaled please check with your accountant before proceeding. 


Q. My account has a zero balance but it is still not letting me archive it? 

A. It may be due to the account having an opening balance. If this is the case please raise a support ticket so we can look into this for you. 

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