Staging Systems

Modified on Mon, 30 Jan 2023 at 07:26 PM

At Actionstep we call our test systems or sandboxes, staging systems. 

Staging systems are a copy of your "live" system at a certain point in time. They are not updated at all, but can be used for testing and contains your current data so you can use your actual data for testing. 


There is no current fee for obtaining a staging system however please note that as this is not a fee service, at times staging systems are cleared out and removed with no warning so there is no guarantee that your staging system will always be available. However, you can request a new one at any time. 


Requesting a Staging System

To request a staging system you need to be an administrator with authority in your organization (this means you must have an Administrator system role and have the ability to add new users). You must then send an email to with your orgkey requesting a staging system. 

A support team member will set this up for you and you will receive an email invitation like the one below. (Make sure to check your junk email for this.)




Please remember that the staging system is completely different from your live system so you can't use the same login information that you normally would to sign in to your Actionstep system. You have to click on the link in the invitation email and set up a new password. 


When adding users to the staging system, you will see all of the same users that you have in your live system, so it looks like they already have access but they do not, these are just copies. To give them access you will need to invite them again and make sure to use a different timekeeper code as it must be unique.


TIP: We suggest bookmarking this login page as "Actionstep - Test (staging ) system)" so you can easily find it again in the future and know when you are logging into your test system as opposed to your live system.


Be very careful when working in your test system that you are not implementing changes to your live system by mistake. When working in your test system you should see the following banner.



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