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The Actionstep Gmail Add-on provides a function for Gmail users to save and assign emails to their Actionstep matters. When saved, the email message and attachments become available in the corresponding matter in Actionstep. Additionally, the add-on provides basic information on parties, file notes, and tasks. It also provides links to access the information in your Actionstep system directly.


Accessing the Add-on

Once installed, the add-on can be accessed on the right-side panel of your Gmail screen.

Add-on icon in gmail



Matter Suggestions and Search

Based on the FROM address of the email, matters may be suggested. These are based on the email addresses of the participants on the matters.

Suggestions in the Gmail add-on

To search for a specific matter, click into the Search for Matters field and enter some text.


Searches can be performed for all or part of the Matter ID, Matter Name, or File Reference.

Search Function Add-on search Corresponding Matter
Matter ID Search by matter ID in the add-on Matter ID in Actionstep
Matter Name Search by matter name in the add-on Matter name in Actionstep
File Reference Search by file reference in the add-on File reference in Actionstep


Assigning an Email to a Matter

Click on the appropriate matter in Search results to assign the email to that matter.


Assign email search results


Once assigned, general matter information will be displayed.

General matter info displayed in the add-on

The following table describes the information on the add-on and additional functions.

Function Description

Menu Button

Menu button in the add-on


Removes the association between the add-on and Actionstep in the add-on only.

After selecting Unassign, there will be an option to delete the email from Actionstep. This removes the copy of the email stored in the matter.


Provides basic information on the user, organization, and add-on.

Settings in the add-on


Logs the current user out of the add-on.


Pulls the most up-to-date information. This can be useful when there are changes currently being made to records in Actionstep.

Manage Add-on

Brings the user to Google Workspace Marketplace to view or remove the add-on.

Matter Information

Matter information in the add-on
Displays the matter name, ID, and type.


Parties button in the add-on

Selecting the Parties button opens a screen containing the parties on the assigned matter.

Parties in the add-on

Selecting the link icon next to "Participants" will launch your Actionstep system to the Parties screen of the assigned matter.

Link icon

Selecting the letter icon next to a participant's name will create a new email in Gmail, addressed to the email address on that participant's contact record in your Actionstep system.

File Notes

File notes button in the add-on

Selecting the File Notes button opens the File Notes screen. This screen contains a link to the file notes section of the associated matter in your Actionstep system. This screen also displays previous file notes.

File notes in the add-on


Tasks button in the add-on

Selecting the Tasks button opens the Tasks screen.

Tasks in the add-on

Selecting the link icon next to "Tasks" launches your Actionstep system in a new tab to the Tasks section of the assigned matter.


Tasks for the assigned matter are displayed with the due date and the participant to whom they are assigned.


By default, completed tasks are not shown. They can be displayed by selecting the toggle.


Clicking the name of the task opens the task in your Actionstep system.

Primary Participants

Primary participant in the add-on

Displays the names of all primary participants on the assigned matter.

Selecting the letter icon composes a new email to that participant in Gmail.


Matter file reference displayed in the add-on


Displays the assigned matter's file reference.


Displays the status of the assigned matter: Active, Inactive, Closed, or Template.

Created date

The date the assigned matter was created.

Modified date

Date the assigned matter was last modified.

View in Actionstep link

Opens your Actionstep system to the assigned matter.


Organizing Attachments

If an email has attachments, the Menu Button will contain an option to Organize Attachments.

Organize attachments button in the add-on


This opens the Organize Attachments screen.


Organize attachments screen in the add-on

By default, attachments are saved to the Email Attachments folder on the associated matter's document screen.

Documents tab on a matter in Actionstep

Using the Organize Attachments screen, a folder can be selected in which a copy of the attachment will be stored.

Organize attachments screen in the add-on with the folder dropdown

Once a folder is selected, all files can be moved to that folder by clicking MOVE ALL FILES, or specific files can be moved by selecting them and clicking MOVE SELECTED.


Move all files button


Assigning Emails to Multiple Matters

When an email is assigned to a matter, a copy of the email is stored in the matter. To place a copy in an additional matter: unassign the email and assign it to the other matter. Now, the email exists in both matters in Actionstep.

The add-on will only display the information of the most recently-assigned matter.


Finding Emails in Actionstep

Emails assigned via the Actionstep Gmail add-on are all available in Comms > Matter Email.

Email menu in Actionstep

The emails can also be accessed in the matter to which they are assigned using the matter Comms menu.

Comms tab in a matter in Actionstep


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