Using Actionstep and Where to Find Help

Modified on Wed, 08 Mar 2023 at 10:40 AM

Actionstep is a completely customizable legal practice management system combining workflow, integrations, and automation you can produce extremely streamlined processes for your firm. 


Super Users 

A term often associated with Actionstep is "Super User". We recommend that every firm have at least one Super User. This Super User is elected within each firm to assist in keeping the system running and updating it as our processes change. 

Just like you update your phone or add apps when you need change, Actionstep works similarly. Your processes will constantly develop and so must your system. Having at least one person in your firm who can administer your system and work on changes for your users will be essential for the maintenance of your system. 

So, where do I get instructions on how to be a super user? This user guide has many articles to assist in how to become a "super user" and many articles are devoted to helping super users on their journey. 


Where to get help? 

Help Menu

This menu will allow you to submit a ticket or access our Help Center and other resources.


Read help articles

This link will take you to the home page of this user guide where you can search for the topic you're wanting to learn about. The user guide has numerous articles to help everyday and super users on their journey. Feel free to ask questions on any article, vote for an article if you found it to be helpful, search through our frequently asked questions or ask a question on our community page. 

Contact support

This link will launch a form for you to fill out to get in contact with our Support Team. The Actionstep Support Team is available to answer questions if you can't find what you are looking for in the user guide. If you are seeing an error message on your screen, you aren't sure that information is being displayed correctly, or you have difficulty loading pages, etc, then reach out to the Support Team.

Watch webinars

This link will take you to the webinars section on our website where you can watch past webinars or sign up for future ones. There are a number of webinars, workshops, and "Ask an Expert" sessions that focus on the latest releases, developments, and best practices. 

Explore integrations and add-ons

This link will take you to the integrations and add-ons section of our website where you can discover what other helpful tools and integrations may be available to you. 

What's new

This link will take you to the user guide we update when we release new features. 

View status page

This link will take you to our status page which gets updated in the event of system-wide issues such as a server outage. 



Other Resources

Customer Success Team

The Actionstep Customer Success Team is available to provide assistance to larger firms on how you can automate processes and optimize your system to get the most out of Actionstep. The Customer Success Team also runs various webinars and workshops to assist you in getting the most out of your system.


Actionstep Partners (CCPs)

Actionstep has numerous Certified Consulting Partners (CCPs) in every geographical region in which we operate. If you want to explore opportunities to automate and optimize and aren't confident launching into this with a "DIY" approach then we have partners on hand who can assist you with development and training and ensure you get the most out of your system. A list of Partners can be found here: Actionstep Partners.

Actionstep Partners are not run by Actionstep and there will be charges for any services that they offer.


Actionstep Academy

Actionstep Academy has a plethora of videos and courses for Actionstep features & concepts. Click here to learn more about Actionstep Academy.


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