Introduction to Billing

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This article is intended to be a high-level overview of billing concepts in Actionstep and contains several links to more detailed articles on each subject.



Bills in Actionstep are created on a matter basis, and can be created in numerous ways depending on how you have configured both your Billing Settings and Matter Billing Options.


Billable Items

A final bill can potentially be comprised of up to four different components:

  1. Time Entries 
  2. Disbursements
  3. Billable Supplier Invoices
  4. Billable Bank Withdrawals


Billable time entries and disbursements are automatically added to WIP as soon as they are created. In comparison, supplier invoices and bank withdrawals will only be added to WIP if the user indicates that they are billable, as per the screenshots below.









All billing lists are housed under the 'Billing' option on the 'Global Navigation Bar', as per the screenshot below.




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