Adding marketing activities to matters

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This article describes how to add marketing activities to matters there is a variety of ways to do this, manually, adding to specific steps in your workflows, adding to web forms, and adding to related matters. 


TIP: This is where we record how our customers found us through what marketing activity. Adding in a marketing activity will track any income back to that marketing activity within the marketing campaign.



If you go to any of your matters and go to Billing (Calculator) > Sales and Marketing


You can fill out the Marketing ROI here by adding your marketing activity associated with this matter. 



Hit Save. 


Doing this manually for every single matter may be just too much administration so there are other ways that you can automate this process.


Workflow Steps

You can request for this information to be added at a certain point within a matters workflow. For example, I want my staff to enter in where a client found us when opening an initial consult matter. 

To set this up go to Admin > Matter Types and choose the matter type you would like to add this to (Initial Consult in my example). 

Go to workflow. 

Choose the step on the right that you would like to add the marketing medium field to (the start step in my example).




Under the heading, step actions turn on sales data and under sale status turn on marketing medium.




Hit save. 


You will then see this option when opening an initial consult matter or on the step that you have configured in your workflow.



This will enable your staff to enter the details without having to remember to enter them in the billing and sales tab on every matter. 


You can also request this information on any of your webforms created within Actionstep. 

To do this create or edit a webform by following these instructions Webforms

To add the marketing mediums options. Select Marketing as the Data Source and Medium as the marketing field. You could also have "How did you find us?" as the label. 




This way the information is collected as soon as a webform is submitted without your staff having to ask the client. 

Related Matters 

It is also worth remembering to make sure that this data is included in any related matters. For example, if you use an initial consult matter to open a file for a client and then once engaged relate that matter to a different one depending on what services you have been engaged to proceed with. In this case you can make sure this marketing field is set to be related to any matters so that the income generated from not only the initial consult matter but also any related matters is contributed towards the correct marketing platform. For more information on setting up related matters, click here: Related Matters



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