Fixed Fee Billing

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There are two ways to bill fixed fees in Actionstep. One way is to set up the matter to have a fixed fee billing arrangement, enter a quoted amount and then choose whether to add this as a time entry or a total fee. The other is to just add a time entry at a fixed fee. 


Fixed Fee Billing Arrangement

Matters are set to Fixed Fee by choosing the Fixed Fee arrangement in Matter Billing Options. Matter Billing Options are located within a matter > Billing (icon) > Matter billing options. 

In matter billing options, set the Arrangement to Fixed Fee and Enter a quoted amount. Save.



Now the Bill Now button displays the quoted amount.



Regardless of fees and expenses, the matter will be billed at the quoted amount each time the matter is billed. The matter will keep this setting whether billed in the matter or the mass billing screen.

When creating your invoice you will be asked if you would like to create a time entry or hide line pricing and show the total only. 



If you choose to create a time entry you create a time entry for the fixed fee amount but you have the ability to enter Hours Worked and Hours Billed, choose a quick-code or enter a narration in the description field. 



If you choose to hide line pricing and show total only - you will see an invoice with a fee adjustment only and this will not be associated with any time entries. 



However, you can enter an invoice narration in the invoice description section. 



You must make sure that you use the right invoice template so that the narration appears as you require. For more information on invoice templates and to find some test ones please go to : Invoice Templates


Reporting differences

When using the time entry method, the time entry will appear in any reports that have time entries and any custom list views that contain time entries. 

If you are using the adjustment method then this will only appear in reports where adjustments are listed. It will not appear on any time entry custom list views if you use these to track fee earners' billable or billed time entries. 


Fixed Fee Schedule

Each matter you set for a fixed fee can be put on a rotational basis meaning that once you bill one fixed fee the bill now button will go back to $0.00 until you want to bill another fixed fee amount.



When using mass billing - if you are charging a monthly retainer of $500 and mass bill every month then you can use these settings to ensure that you are billing your Client $500 every month until you decide to remove it. 



Fixed fee time entries

You can also enter time as a fixed fee without changing the arrangement of the matter to the fixed fee. 

When creating a time entry make sure you have the option to enter a rate as a fixed fee. 




You can then enter the details required to create a fixed-fee invoice. To find out more about creating a rate label for a fixed fee see here: Creating a Rate Label

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