Deposit Slips

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NOTE: Actionstep offers built-in Accounting to users on our Practice Pro + Accounting plan. Deposit slips are a function that is only available to users with that option.


Deposit slips are the pieces of paper that you hand over at the bank when you are banking cash or checks. Within Actionstep you can produce a deposit slip based on transactions that you have entered into Actionstep Accounting. 



As you enter deposits and client payments into Actionstep, it will keep a list of any that are cash or check transactions.  You can then navigate to a dedicated page to be able to see these transactions, commit relevant ones to a deposit slip and have the details of those transactions displayed in a form you can use as a deposit slip.


Navigating to the deposit slips screen

Each separate bank account will have its own deposit slip function. We get to the deposit slips for a bank account by going to the Banking screen under the Accounting menu. Using the 'Options for this account' button, choose Deposit slips.




Opening, printing and deleting deposit slips

Click on the Bank account number or Bank account name to open the deposit slip.

Click on the red PDF icon /helpdesk/attachments/150002488172 to open the PDF of the deposit slip so it can be printed.

You can delete a deposit slip by clicking on the tick box to the left-hand side of the line representing a deposit slip and then choosing Delete from the toolbar above. 

Deleting a deposit slip will mean that any transactions in that deposit slip are now able to be included in a new deposit slip.




Producing a new deposit slip

From the Deposit slips screen (see above for how to navigate to), click the green /helpdesk/attachments/150002488174button.

A list of all the cash and check transactions that have not been added to a previous deposit slip for that bank account will be displayed. 

  1. Change the date (if required)
  2. Tick the box beside any transactions you want to include in the bank deposit slip
  3. Fill in any unpopulated details about any checks in the deposit slip
  4. Click the Save button to finalize the deposit slip
  5. Click the PDF icon /helpdesk/attachments/150002488172 for the deposit slip you just created to download or print the PDF.





Q. Is there a way to disable the use of deposit slips?

A. No, you cannot disable the function.  The deposit slips are there to reflect the slips you have actually deposited at your bank and so it is sufficient to lock them in Actionstep, without printing them out.


Q. We don’t use deposit slips but if we have accepted cash a week ago and then we get cash again the following week, we can’t process the receipt because the deposit slip is open and hasn’t been closed. Do we have to close them every day even if we don’t use them?

A. Again, you cannot switch the function off but if you just have one deposit slip in the system, it should keep adding more and more transactions to it. There should not be any other action you would need to take. If the deposit slip is never run, then it should just sit in the background.

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