Knowledge Base - Sharing Content Between Actionstep Systems

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You can share topics from one KnowedgeBase with users in other Actionstep systems. This is very useful if you are maintaining a central resource and only want to edit it in one place. All changes will be instantly updated in all subscribing knowledge bases.

For example let's say that I have an Actionstep system with an organization key called "publisher" and I want to share a topic in my Knowledge Base with the name "Community Info" with your company (with an organization key called "subscriber"), then this is how it would be done:

  • Create a new login and password in "publisher" using a system role with permissions on the topic you want to share;
  • Find the "Community Info" topic in the Admin section in "publisher" and copy the shared link shown to the clipboard (or make a note of it);
  • Create a new topic in "yourco" and give it any name you wish;
  • Paste the link copied from "publisher" into the edit box in "subscriber";
  • Replace the username and password in the link with the user you created in step 1;
  • Save.
  • If you now open "subscriber" you should see the topic listed in that Knowledge Base.

To find the shared link for a topic left-click on the topic name and choose "Edit". You should see something like this "Share this Topic":

Copy this link and change the username:password text to the valid credentials of your publisher login and then paste this into the "Remote Datasource" field in a topic in the subscriber's system:

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Knowledge Base - Sharing Content Between Actionstep Systems

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