Knowledge Base - Managing Content

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You access the Knowledge Base through the top navigation bar. More > Knowledge Base

The "Contents" area is where the regular users will go to browse the Knowledge Base. The "Admin" menu option will be available to users with the associated permissions, and this is where you go to manage the content.

Cover Page

The cover page is a special page and is not linked to the table of contents directly. This page displays in the content panel whenever a user first opens up the Knowledge Base. Modifying this page is currently a little tedious (we admit), however, this is not something that needs to be done often (and we plan to improve this in due course).

You can create a new cover page from scratch, or follow these steps to modify the existing cover page:

  • Open the Knowledge Base Contents and right click on the cover page and choose "View Frame Source" (or equivalent depending on what browser you are using).
  • Select the source and copy it to the clipboard
  • Open an HTML editor and paste the source into the Source view of the editor
  • Change to edit mode and make the changes you require and save the document locally (remembering the file name and location on your local computer). Let's call this kb_cover_page.html in this example.

Once you are happy with your cover page upload it to the Knowledge Base:

  • Go to Knowledge Base Admin and upload the file and name it something like "Cover Page".


  • Go to Admin > General Settings and select the desired file to be the Cover Page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press "Save".

If you refresh the Knowledge Base contents page then your new cover page should appear.

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