Uploading HotDocs Templates to Actionstep

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep 2023 at 11:41 AM

HotDocs templates can be uploaded and generated using your data from Actionstep. Alternatively, you can generate and manually fill the HotDocs Interview with your own value. When generated, the resulting document saves to your matter in Actionstep. The first step to achieve this is uploading the HotDocs package files.

Only HotDocs .hdpkg files are supported for generation via Actionstep.



Uploading Templates

Templates (HotDocs packages) are uploaded per matter type. To access the upload form, go to Admin > Matter types > {your matter type} > Document templates.

Select the Add new template button.

This launches the New document template screen.

Enter the document details and upload the HotDocs package by selecting 'Please select a file' in the Template file section. Save the template.

Once you have uploaded, and saved, a HotDocs package file to a Matter Type then Actionstep will extract the HotDocs variable names and provide you with an edit form to map these to Actionstep merge fields.


Re-accessing the template from the Document templates screen reveals the ability to map values and Actionstep merge fields to HotDocs variables.

Repeating Fields

If the HotDocs field requires repeating data from a Participant or multi-row data collection in the matter then reference the merge field using the rn=* syntax , for example:

[[FullName|pt=Client|rn=*]]. Add the Data Source into the "Repeat Source" field to the right of the merge field. Do not add the [[*REPEAT syntax – simply the Data Source, for example "Action_Participant.Client" or "MyMultiRowDataCollection".




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