Using the NetDocuments Integration with Actionstep

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In this article, we will show you how you can navigate and use NetDocuments once it is set up in your system.


If your firm uses NetDocuments for document storage you can link NetDocuments workspaces to matters and access NetDocuments directly from within the matter screen in Actionstep. Unlike Google Drive and Dropbox where these repositories show up as "Drives" in the Actionstep documents page, NetDocuments has its own menu item under Documents so that it can display the native NetDocuments user interface. The NetDocuments document interface replaces Actionstep and allows document generation in management directly in NetDocuments.


Accessing NetDocuments on your matter

Opening NetDocuments is simple, just go to the Documents icon on your matter and select NetDocument from the resulting menu.

The NetDocuments screen for that matter will be displayed.

Linking an Actionstep matter to a NetDocuments matter

 You simply link existing matter workspaces in NetDocuments to their corresponding matters in Actionstep. If you don't have a NetDocuments matter workspace you can create one from within the Actionstep matter.

If you have not previously linked a NetDocuments folder to the matter then you can search for an existing, or create a new, workspace and link it to the matter.


Note: Actionstep will check for duplicates in NetDocuments and display a message when contact or matter values have already been used.

It is possible to configure NetDocuments so that you can have clients and matters as separate, dependent levels for your matters. If you have this setup you can search for and link to clients and matters separately.


Additional Information

Matter Types - Actionstep Matter Types are sent to NetDocuments. This allows for administrators in Netdocuments to set filters and default folders based on the type of matter.

Workspace name - When the name of a matter or contact are changed in Actionstep, they will flow through to the NetDocuments workspace. This may take up to 5 minutes to update after changes are made.

Actionstep documents - When NetDocuments is enabled, the native Actrionstep Document Management screen is disabled. The exception to this is when there are already documents in the Actionstep folders when the NetDocuments workspace is created from the matter.

Close date - When a matter is closed in Actionstep, that close date is sent to NetDocuments.


Generating Documents to NetDocuments

To save to HotDocs: After generating a document, select Saving to > NetDocuments


Using NetDocuments plugins

NetDocuments has integrations with Word and Outlook to help with the saving of documents and emails straight into your NetDocuments account. If you are integrating Actionstep with NetDocuments, we recommend you gain the benefits of these plugins rather than using Actionstep's Office plugin.

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