Actionstep Payments - Customize Notifications

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 10:59 AM

Notifications in Actionstep Payments let you keep track of payments and banking activities. You can customize who receives notifications when payments are made and deposits are processed.

Actionstep Payments Notification Settings are configured in Admin > Actionstep Payments.

Notification Types

There are 4 types of notifications:

  1. Successful payment made
  2. Payment attempted but failed
  3. Funds deposited into bank account
  4. Fees deducted from bank account

The successful payment made and payment attempted but failed settings have been combined, as well as the funds deposited into bank account and fees deducted from bank account settings. This creates 2 sets of users who will be notified: stakeholders in payment status and stakeholders in bank activity.

Options for successful payment/ failed payment notifications

You can choose who gets payment status notifications. Options include:

  • All Actionstep users assigned to the matter.
  • The Responsible Lawyer matter participant.
  • A specific role on the matter.
  • A specific user or users.

Options for funds deposited/fees deducted notifications

For notifications related to bank activity, a specific user or multiple users can be selected, or notifications can be sent to all users of a specific system role. 

  1. Nominated user(s)
  2. System role

The system role notification is especially useful where an 'Accounts' or finance team occupy the same system role in your Actionstep system.

Fallback Email Address

In the case that a notification cannot be sent, the message will be delivered to the designated fallback email address. 

A common reason a notification will not be sent is if it is assigned to a role that no participant occupies. For example, the message goes to the lawyer on the matter, but no lawyer has been assigned.

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