Withdrawals from your Payments Balance

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Within the Actionstep Payments Portal, Withdrawals are the act of taking the balance of all payments that have settled and withdrawing them from your Actionstep Payments balance so they can be deposited into your bank account.

In this article, we will explain Withdrawals in more detail and explain what information you can access about them in the Actionstep Payments Portal.



Actionstep Payments is currently in Beta testing. If you would like to be part of our Beta testing group, please reach out to Actionstep Support.


What are Withdrawals?

As your clients process credit card payments the funds from those funds will be retrieved from the card holders bank and added to your Actionstep Payments account balance. A Withdrawal is clearing that balance so that the funds can be deposited into your bank account. 


Accessing information about your Withdrawal

To access a list of your Withdrawls, you will first have to login to Actionstep's Payments Portal.

Open the Actionstep Payments admin page (Admin > Actionstep Payments), then click on Open Payments Portal.

You will be prompted to enter in your login details to the Payment portal to be able to proceed. Your login credentials to the Payment Portal will be different from your normal Actionstep login credentials.



Why do I need a different set of login credentials to access the Payments Portal?

The Payments Portal gives you access to be able to see details about your credit card transactions but also to be able to issue refunds and handle complicated matters like chargebacks. To ensure CDC compliance, we provide this through a third party partner who you will have to access with another set of credentials. 

This keeps your information and access more secure and ensures your compliance with regulations. 


Once you have logged in, you will be on the Payments Portal dashboard.

From the menu on the left of the screen, click on Withdrawals.


Understanding the Withdrawals screen

The Withdrawals screen is broken down into two sections. 

  1. Withdrawals - an overview
  2. Withdrawal History

Withdrawals - an overview


In this section you can see your current Account balance.


We strongly advise you not to use the Next Withdrawal function unless recommended to do so by Actionstep staff.

Actionstep Payments will automatically create withdrawals based on the transactions that have added to your balance each day. Manually creating a Withdrawal may result in a negative Actionstep balance.


Withdrawal History


In this section you will be able to see the previous Withdrawals that have been processed. 

You can see more details about a withdrawal by clicking on the down arrow /helpdesk/attachments/150002489218that is to the right of the line.

You can also click on a withdrawal to open that record and see further details. 


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