Actionstep & Briefly

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Preview Actionstep documents, emails, email attachments, and file notes in a single browser window.



Briefly seamlessly integrates with Actionstep to quickly obtain the lists of your firm’s Actionstep matters and your matter documents, emails, and file notes.


When users select an item, Briefly seamlessly converts images and documents to PDFs on the fly, so you can locate and review the matter’s content quickly and easily.


Actionstep is tightly integrated with Briefly with a “Show in Actionstep” button, which opens the selected item inside Actionstep so you continue your workflow.



  • Easily sign in with Actionstep credentials
  • Preview Actionstep documents, emails, attachments, and file notes in a single browser window
  • Broad compatibility including images and Microsoft Office documents
  • Converts Microsoft Office documents to PDFs on the fly
  • Folder or list view of Actionstep matters, folders and their contents; and
  • Instant document search by title



How to get started

Briefly is easy to set up. All you need is your ActionStep credentials.

To start using Briefly, navigate to and sign in with your Actionstep credentials.

Free service will be provided until 30 June 2022. From 1 July 2022, a 7-day free trial will be offered for new users.