Data Export Report

Modified on Mon, 06 Mar 2023 at 10:11 AM

The Data Export Report facilitates the export of raw data in CSV format from selected data sources. This report enables organizations to re-import data into other systems or modify it in bulk against entities such as Contacts & Matters via import.

Note: For more information on importing data, see Data Import.


Choosing Data to Export

To select which data to export, check the box for the listed data sources. Each selection creates its own CSV upon export. This CSV contains the most pertinent information for the selection. 

Items that can be exported

  • Action (Matter)
    • CSV includes Matter ID, Matter type ID, Matter name, Date created, Assigned to participant ID, Current step ID, Matter status, Division ID, Matter priority, External reference, Is deleted, Deleted by participant ID, Deleted by name, Deleted timestamp, Tag ID, Matter type name, Assigned to participant name, Step Name, Division Name, and Tag name
  • Action participant (Matter participant)
    • CSV includes Matter ID, Participant type ID, Participant ID, Matter Name, Participant type name, and Participant name
  • Participant
    • CSV includes Participant ID, Company flag, Company name, Salutation, First name, Middle name, Last name Physical address fields, Mailing address fields, Phone number fields, Fax number, Text number, Email address, Website, Occupation, Tax number, Date of birth, Marital status, Gender, Preferred_name, Division ID, Display Name, External reference, Suffix, Last modified timestamp, Created timestamp, Date of death, Citizen of country ID, Initials, Timekeeper income account ID, Is Deceased?, Primary participant type, Division
  • Task
    • Task ID, Matter ID, Task Name, Task status, Priority, Due date, Created timestamp, Started timestamp, Completed timestamp,  Assigned to participant ID, Complete before endo of step number, Complete before start of step number, Assigned by, Description, Matter Name, Tag name
  • Specific participant types
    • Participant ID and Participant custom data values
  • Matter data collections
    • Record ID, Matter ID, Data field values

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