Chart of Accounts Report

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The Chart of Accounts Report provides a downloadable PDF of your Actionstep chart of accounts. This report exists as a more useful alternative to printing the chart of accounts screen. 

Accessing the Chart of Accounts Report

The report is located in Reports > Accounting Reports.

The (non-downloadable) Chart of Accounts screen is located at Accounting > Accounts > Accounts List.

Upon clicking the report link, a PDF of the chart of accounts is downloaded.


Note: If you have the Reports Overview Feature Preview enabled, your report screen may look like:



Understanding the Output of the Report

The resulting PDF provides the Account numbers and names for your complete chart of accounts.


Account The Account column displays the Account ID for the account shown in the report table row.
Account Name  The Account Name column displays the name of the account that corresponds with the account ID in the Account column.


Note: The Chart of Accounts Report will only show accounts assigned to your current division. To see accounts assigned to a different division, you must first switch to that division.