Income by Participant Report

Modified on Fri, 3 Mar, 2023 at 10:52 AM

The income by Participant report provides a statement of Financial Performance (Profit and Loss) for the selected Participant(s) for a given period or selection of periods - the report has the ability to create comparative report periods.


This report is useful to see in which areas your fee earners are performing the best. This is because it drills down to and shows a separate total for each income account.

The report is based on the contact who is loaded against the matter (note that it cannot be run on who the matter is assigned to).

You can choose to run the report based on any matter that a contact is listed as a participant on or you can use specific roles that might apply. For instance, if you wanted to get an indication of how much had been billed to a client you could filter by matters where the contact(s) was put against a matter in the "Client" role. If you wanted to see how much each of your lawyers had earned then you could load them as contacts and choose the "Lawyer" Participant role.

You can choose to add more than one contact to run the report on that will allow you to do a comparison but it is worthwhile noting that the amounts for each contact are not mutually exclusive. If for example you set the report to show you income for two contacts, if there was a matter where both contacts were assigned then the income for that matter would count towards both. If you are wanting to split the income between system users then try using our income split function.

For more information on Income in Actionstep see here


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