Once you have installed the template builder - you may notice that you have two Actionstep tabs in your word (if you have the word plug-in and the word add-in template builder). 

The template builder can be found in the second Actionstep tab if there are two. 

Click on the green Actionstep button that appears in the toolbar when you select Actionstep from the top menu. 



Choose the type of template you want to create

You can then select the matter type for the document template that you want to create for example, is it a conveyancing template, a family law template - which matter type should your template belong to? 

Once you have chose the matter type your template belongs to you then need to choose a matter/action/file that is of that matter type - this is only so that Actionstep can pull merge fields from this as an example so you can check that you have the correct merge field. 

Select the green start building to start building your template. 


What are the tools in the add-in?




How to add merge fields? 

To insert a merge field go to the green insert merge field button or user the green cross (both lead to the same outcome). Use the drop down Manu under Data Collections to choose the type of merge field you would like to insert. 


You have the option of three different type of merge fields 

Data Collection Description
Matter Details Details in relation to the matter itself, including date created, matter ID, matter name, matter status, matter type, file reference
Matter PartiesDetails in relation to participants on the matter, choose the party whose details you want to use in the merge field, fields include, name of party, address of party, email address, etc
GeneralGeneral merge fields for example, company logo, current date


Adding Matter Details Data? 

Here is a short video on adding matter details data - remember to see the value of the merge field that will be displayed on the document you can click on the little pencil next to the insert button. 



Adding Matter Parties Data? 

Here is a short video on adding matter parties data. Again, please remember to see see the value of the merge field that will be displayed on the document you can click on the little pencil next to the insert button.



Adding General Data? 

Here is a short video on adding general data - remember there is an option to change the format of the merge field if you open the merge field options tab (by clicking on the pencil). 




Reviewing your merge fields or change the way the data is displayed? 

To review the data that will be shown when you insert a merge field or to change the way for example the date appears (merge field options). You click on the pencil next to the insert field button and this will take you to the merge field option screen. This is demonstrated in the picture above. 



More options in relation to merge field formats? 

If you would like to add more field options yourself, for example like date formats. Please see this article on the range of options available: Merge Field Options