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Tags are the ability to assign an identifier to an object. Tags can be assigned to contacts, tasks, custom data, documents, and file notes. You can create, edit, and delete the tags in your database by going into Admin > Additional Settings > Tags.


In most cases tags are used to categorise objects in Actionstep, although there are other uses like assigning an icon to a tag so that it shows next to a contacts name.

Creating New Tags

When looking at the list of your tags in your system (Admin > Additional Settings > Tags) you can create a tag by clicking the Create Tag button to the top right of the list.


This will bring up a dialogue that has the basic details of the Tag you want to create.


Just fill in the options given. See below for further clarification on each of the options.

NameThe name of the Tag that you will create. We would recommend keeping Tag names short and concise if you can help it as it makes it a bit easier to use.
DescriptionA basic description of the tag. You can give users more details of what this tag should represent by filling in this description.
Parent TagYou are able to group your tags together by making the tag you are creating a child to an existing tag (Making that other tag the parent tag). This is not mandatory but could be a good way for you to organise your tags. For example you could have a tag called "Client Contact" but under that it has options "Phone call", "Meeting", "Email", etc.

The icon can be important as it will be something that your users can use to help identify a tag quickly and easily. As time goes by your users will identify a tag more by the image than by the name.

Click on the link "Choose an icon" to see the options that you have to choose from. Just click on the icon you would like to use to select it.


Hovering the cursor over an icon will show you a slightly enlarged version of the icon.


Tags can be used in various different parts of Actionstep. Some tags that you create will be useful for some functions only. Tick the box beside what you would like to use the tag for.


Where does my Tag appear? 


For Documents 

You can add a tag to a document when uploading the document to Actionstep or by clicking on the Properties button and adding a tag here. 




To see any tags on a document you can view them under properties in the right hand box. This is the only way to view these tags and you are not able to report on these tags or use tags in advanced search.  


For Filenotes

You can add a tag to a filenote when creating a filenote or editing a filenote. 


You can also filter by filenote tag to see only filenotes with a certain tag. 


For Participants

You can add your tag to a contact when creating or editing a contact record - the tags can be selected in the Contact Tags section of the contact record.


You can see if a contact has a particular tag by looking at the contact record in the matter. The icon will show which is why it is important to pick an icon that you can act on visually. For example, a client who is a VIP may have a ribbon that represents this as below. 



Contact tags are not currently able to be used in custom list views or reports.


If you are wanting a tag in relation to a contact to be reported on in a custom list view then it may be better to create a boolean or single select custom data field. For example, If you want to distinguish who your fans are a custom data field boolean tick box with "Is this client a fan?" you can then report on this in a custom list view and filter the value to true to show only clients that are fans. 


For Tasks

You can tag a task when creating or editing a task. 



You can also set-up a custom list view to see all tasks that have a tag or filter by a particular tag. 


Edit an Existing Tag

Just click on the name of an Existing Tag from the Tags List (Admin > Additional Settings > Tags). This will open the dialogue you see when you create a new one. Change the value you want to and click Save.

Delete a Tag

To delete a tag just open your list of tags (Admin > Additional Settings > Tags) and tick the box beside the tag or tags you want to delete. From the tool bar above choose the Delete Option.


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