Once a webform has been submitted it will be placed in a webform queue within Actionstep. This allows users to review the submitted data prior to deciding whether it should be used to create matters and contacts.

Reviewing Submitted Data 

To review submitted data you can go to More > Webforms > Submitted Data for a list of all Webforms that have been submitted or More > Webforms > *Select the Webform type in question* to see only webforms of a certain type. 

Click on the submitted data record in the list to open it up and review the details of the submission. If there is a matter ID in relation to the webform you will know that this was to update a certain matter. 

After reviewing the submitted data you can decide if the record was "junk" or genuine. If genuine then press "Process" to review the data in detail. For each participant type in the form, Actionstep will try to match it with an existing contact. If a match is found then you will have the opportunity to update the contact record if there are differences between the contact data submitted via the webform and the existing contact in Actionstep if no matches are found then you can either try to perform a manual match or create a new contact.



Keep pressing "Next" until all the data is reviewed and then on the last step you will be taken to a new action page with the web-form data inserted into the correct places.


If a matter is to be updated you will see the matter the form is going to update so you can double check it is the correct matter. You have to conifrm by clicking on "Update the selected matter" before you are able to save and process the form.