Adding a Webform to your website

Actionstep generates all the HTML code for you. Simply copy the code (or download it to a file) and paste this into a page on your website using your content management system. 


To add customizations beyond the layout options included in the Actionstep Webform builder you can take the code provided, add your styling and formatting changes, and then add the updated HTML block to your website. 

Note: Support Agents are not able to assist you with formatting your HTML we recommend obtaining the services of a web developer to assist with this. 

Adding your webform to email or document templates

You may want to add a link to your webform to an email or document template. 

If your webform is creating a new matter this is easily done by downloading the HTML file and double-clicking the file to open the webform in your browser window. You can then copy and paste the URL from this window into an email template or document template. You can do this to test what the form will look like for your clients. 

We recommend embedding this HTML on your website, using the exact same steps above and linking the URL of the webpage into your email/document template. If it is an enquiry form you will want this accessible to everyone who visits your website. 

If you are updating a matter the process is slightly different because we want to associate the matter ID to the URL that needs updating. 

So the steps are the same as above go to the webform, generate the HTML code and copy the URL. However, we want to add the following to the end of the URL we want to add the following code:


Again, this will give you the ability to test how the form will work for your clients. We recommend embedding the HTML on your website, however, if updating a matter you don't want the webpage to be accessible to everyone so you don't want to link it to your website. You will want the page to be accessible only to those to whom you send the link (so that you can add their unique matter ID to the URL (as shown above). 

Note: Remember you can format the forms to make them your own either by editing the HTML code yourself or obtaining the services of a web developer.