Scanning into Actionstep

Modified on Mon, 23 Jan 2023 at 10:50 AM

It is possible to scan documents directly into your Actionstep system if you have a scanner capable of scanning to email and with the ability to modify the subject line via the keypad. In this article, we explain how that works.

How to scan to Actionstep

On the scanner interface, choose to scan to email.

Choose the email address that is set to your Actionstep. The email address will be unique to your system and be made up of "matter@" then your organization key, then "", e.g., You can find your organization key by hovering over the name of your company in the top left of the Actionstep screen. 

Make sure the subject line of the email has the appropriate code (we explain the code further below).

Hit the scan button.



How to set the subject line code

The subject line code will help Actionstep identify which matter to save the document to and which folder within that matter it should be saved to. 

The end of the subject line (or the entire subject line if no other details are included) should read:

id=YYY:AAA folder=XXX 


  • YYY = your Actionstep Organization Key
  • AAA = the matter ID
  • XXX = the matter folder you want the documents to end up in (leave blank for the root folder i.e. just have folder=). If your folder name has spaces in it then enclose the name in forward slashes
    e.g. folder=/Client Documents/


How does this all works?

Actionstep will receive the email and assign it to the appropriate matter based on the code that is entered. (This is standard functionality and can be used to assign emails manually if you so wanted.)

Because the subject line includes the 'Folder=' portion, Actionstep will realize that the attached document is to be saved to the matter automatically.   


Actionstep Setup

  • Your system will automatically come with the email address that is mentioned above. You do not need to set up anything to be able to use it.


Scanner Setup

You may be able to setup your scanner to automate part of this process, to prompt the users to enter a matter reference and folder name to have it populate in the subject line automatically. This will depend on your scanners confirmability. 

You may want to consider the following:

  • Create a default subject line ending with id=YYY:AAA folder=XXX 
    • YYY = your Actionstep Organization Key
    • AAA = the Action ID
    • XXX = the action folder you want the documents to end up in (leave blank for the root folder i.e. just have folder=).
  • Add your Actionstep email address to the scanner contact list

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