Quick-Add Contact for New Matters

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Often, when a new matter is created, contacts must be created to assign to the matter. To keep the process of creating a new matter efficient, Actionstep displays a quick-add contact form to easily create contacts with a few key fields: first/last/company name, phone number, and email address. If any further contact information is required, the full contact entry form can be displayed.

This feature is currently in early access and can be enabled by a user with admin privileges in Admin > General Settings in the Feature preview > Early access group settings.


Selecting an Existing Contact

To add an existing contact to a matter, click Select Contact, search the contact's name, and select the appropriate contact.

The search contacts bar in the parties tab of a matter


Creating a New Quick-Add Contact

To create a new quick-add contact:

  1. Select "Create new contact"
    The 'Create contact' bar in the contact search bar

    The quick-add New Contact form will be displayed.

    The quick-add contact form on a matter
  2. Select an Identity type.
    By default, the Identity type will be "Individual". If you are creating a contact for a company, select "Company" for the Identity type field.
    If "Individual" is selected for the Identity type, the First name and Last name fields are displayed. If "Company" is selected, the Company name will be displayed.
  3. Enter contact details
  4. Select the "Save" button to create the contact. The contact will be added to the matter. Or, to edit additional contact fields when creating a contact for a matter, select "Save and edit more"
    The quick-add contact form on a matter with the 'save and edit more' button highlighted
    This launches the full Create Contact screen which contains more fields, including custom data. The information previously entered in the quick-add contact form will populate the corresponding fields on the Create Contact screen. For more information on creating contacts, see Creating a Contact Record.


Duplicate Contacts

The quick-add contact form can detect if the details entered are already used in a contact in the system. A message is displayed.

The quick-add contact form showing the warning about duplicate contacts

"Show the n possible duplicate/s" can be selected to review the duplicates that were found.

The quick-add contact form showing the expanded details of a possible duplicate contact

Select the "Add to matter" button if one of the contacts displayed can be used on your matter. Select "Continue creating new contact" to return to the create form.

Duplicates can be flagged on the following criteria:

  • Matching or similar first and last name combination

  • Matching or similar company name

  • Matching phone number

  • Matching email address

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