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Modified on Wed, 11 Jan, 2023 at 3:13 PM

This article will go over how to access and edit your additional settings.


NOTE: You may not see some of these options in your Actionstep system. If you would like to see these settings please contact support and ask for the plug-in to be enabled.


Accessing the Additional Settings

  1. Click on Admin.
  2. Select the General Settings tile.
  3. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section.
  4. Click Save after making any changes.



Here you will find the following settings:

  • Contact name format -  Select the name format for all individuals stored in Actionstep. There are multiple options to choose from, i.e.  Last name, First name or Last name, First name, Middle name, (Preferred name).
  • Missing merge fields - Set this to what will be displayed when a merge field in a document or email is generated for a field that has no value. For example, if set to “**Missing**”, a document that has a merge field that references the File reference on a matter and that document is generated for a matter with no file reference populated, the result of that merge field in the document will display **Missing**.  Note - The default for this is four stars "****".
  •  Contact lists - Set if the contacts that a user can see in a list of contacts will be limited to the users current division or for all contacts in the Actionstep system regardless of division. Note - The default for this value is to show all contacts.

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