Fee Entries

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This article explains how fees are entered into Actionstep, it covers both Time Entries and Fixed Fees and where you can find these. 


Time Entries

Time can be entered into Actionstep in a myriad of ways either through the Global Create button, the Timer, the Timesheet, or the Outlook add-in. 

Regardless of how time is entered, all time records appear in the Matter in the billing menu /helpdesk/attachments/150002489513

and clicking on Fees on the left-hand side of the menu. 




You can see the following information in the table in relation to the fee entries. 


DateThe date of the time entry (this is the date to which the time entry relates not the date the time was entered)
TimekeeperThe timekeeper who recorded the time
Quick-codeThe quick code associated with the time entry
DescriptionA description of the time entry
Effective RateThe value of the time record 
Hours WorkedHow many hours were worked 
Hours to BillHow many hours are billable (differs from hours worked as some time may not be billable)
Rate LabelThe rate label associated with the time entry
Rate SourceWhat rate source the time entry is utilizing (this comes down to the rate hierarchy and how it is implemented)
Bill AmountThe total value of time that is to be billed
Bill StatusThe status of the time entry, unbilled, non-billable or billed
Inv No. The invoice number where the time entry has been billed to


The total WIP (Work in Progress) ready to be billed invoiced will show in the Green Invoice button 



When you click on the Invoice button you will see the Create bill screen which outlines the time entries that are ready to be billed. 



Fixed Fees

There are two different ways to invoice Fixed Fees.

Time Entry - Fixed Fee Billing

If you enable a fixed fee rate label you can create a time entry giving it a fixed fee. This will create one time entry at a fixed fee that you can invoice. 



Billing Arrangement - Fixed fee

You can also change the billing arrangement to a Fixed fee in Matter Billing Options. 

When doing so, you have to enter a fee estimate amount otherwise you will be unable to save the setting. 

The estimate outlined in your selection will be ready to invoice in the matter billing screen as it is considered a work in progress (WIP). 





When you select fixed fee billing you will notice this option appear:- 




This allows you to select every billing cycle (if mass billing this creates a recurring bill every billing cycle OR custom schedule which allows you to schedule payments for more see here): Billing Cycle Settings

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