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This article explains how to access and edit contact type mappings.

Actionstep has special participant types that affect how it deals with certain roles. Each will have its own default value but in this section you can change them to a specific participant type in your Actionstep.

NOTE: You may not see some of these options in your Actionstep system. If you would like to see these settings, please contact Support and ask for the plug-in to be enabled. 



Accessing Contact Type Mappings 

  1. Click on Admin.
  2. Select the General Settings tile./helpdesk/attachments/150002489508
  3. Scroll down to the Contact type mappings section./helpdesk/attachments/150002489509
  4. Click Save after making any changes.


Use this field set the participant type that bills will be made to when you bill a matter.

For example, if you set this to “Accountant”, anytime you bill a matter, the contact that is loaded against the “Accountant” participant type will be billed.

The default value for the customer is the “Client” participant type.


Use this field to set the participant type which can be assigned to bank records in Actionstep. Contacts who have this role or participant type set on them can be assigned as the bank contact when populating bank details on a business bank account or a trust bank account.

For example, if you set this to “Financial Institution”, When you go to select a contact to be the ‘Bank contact record’ on your bank account on your Accounts list, you will only see contacts that have been marked as “Financial Institution”.

The default value for Bank is the “Bank” Participant type.


Use this to set which contacts in your system are suppliers or vendors.

For example, if you set this to “Manager”, when you go to pay a supplier invoice/vendor invoice you will be prompted to choose if the payment is to the ‘Multiple Managers’, ‘Manager’, ‘Matter’ or ‘Manager Invoice’.

The default value for the Supplier is the “Supplier” participant type.

Sales Person

Use this to set which person on the matter will be loaded as the “Sales Person” on an invoice when you bill a matter.

The Sales person on an invoice was used to report on the KPI function in Actionstep. KPI’s can be set to the number of actual hours, Billable hours and a sales amount.
The amount would be calculated from the total invoice amount for a system user where they are sales person on an invoice.

The default value for the Sales person is the “Salesperson” participant type.

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