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In this article, you will learn more about creating and using appointments within Actionstep.


Creating Appointments


The quickest way to create an appointment is through the Global Create button.


From within the calendar screen

To create an appointment:

  1. Click on a blank space/time within a selected calendar. Doing so will open up the 'Create Appointment' pop-up menu, shown below.
  2. Start by giving the appointment a title and a date/time.
  3. Then, you can select which calendar you would like to add the appointment to and specify whether it is public or private (only attendees will be able to view it). You can also specify a location and provide a description, but these fields are optional. 
    TIP: Make special appointments easier to identify by labelling them with colour!
  4. You can add reminders to appointments in the form of Email, SMS, or Popup. Please note that SMS is only supported in select regions.
  5. Click on the 'Matter' tab to add an association to a matter. You can search for matters by their ID or names.
  6. Click on the 'Attendees' tab to add any other attendees for the appointment. You can send them email invitations if you would like to.
  7. Click on the 'Recurrence' tab to create a recurring rule for this appointment. You can set a limit on the number of recurrences based on the number or date.
  8. After you have finished editing the fields, click on 'Create Appointment/Series' to save the appointment.


Editing/Deleting Appointments

To edit or delete an existing appointment, click over the appointment on your calendar. You can then navigate between the tabs as if you were creating the appointment anew, and you can also delete it by clicking on the button in the bottom-left.





Q: Can I copy my appointment to a different calendar?

A: Yes, you can move appointments to a different calendar! Please note, you cannot move the appointment to a different calendar by clicking on the event on the calendar page.



  1. You will need to hover over Calendar > Appointments > Select "Appointments List"
  2. Select the appointment you need to move. Now, you will see an option in the toolbar for "Move".
  3. Click on "Move" and you will see a list of the calendars in your system. Select the calendar you wish to move the appointment to.


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