Removing Duplicate Contacts

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Sometimes multiple contact records are created for the same person. You can remove any duplicate contacts, which may include removing the contact you want to delete from any associated matters and ensuring the correct contact is assigned instead. 

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Part 1: Associating the Correct Contact Record with Matters

Before you can remove a duplicate contact, you should review any matters that contact record is assigned to and make sure the matter is referencing the correct contact. 

To do this: 

  1. In Actionstep, search for the contact's name in the global search box. 
  2. Click each name to view its contact record. New tabs are opened to show the record for each contact. 
  3. Review the information and decide which contact record you want to delete. (It's recommended you keep the record with the most details and remove the one with fewer details.)
  4. In the contact record you want to delete, click the Matters tab, followed by the specific matter you want to update. 
  5. In the Matter window, click the Parties icon. This shows the Parties page. 
  6. Click the menu icon next to the duplicate's name and choose Remove Party. The contact is removed from the Parties list for the matter.
  7. To associate the correct contact, click the Add Client drop-down list and then search for and select the contact name. The correct contact is associated with the matter.
  8. Proceed to the next section, "Part 2: Removing Duplicate Contact Record."

Part 2: Removing the Duplicate Contact Record

Once you've removed the duplicate contact from any associated matters, you can remove it from your Contacts List. 

To do this:

  1. Make sure you've associated the correct contact with all matters that previously referenced the duplicate contact. See the previous section, "Part 1: Associating Correct Contact Records with Matters" for help.
  2. View the contact record for the contact you want to remove. (Use the global search box, if needed. You can refer to steps 1-2 in the previous section for specific instructions.)
  3. Click the Matters tab, and ensure that there are no matters assigned to the contact record.
  4. Click Edit. The window changes to allow you to edit the fields of the contact record.  
  5. Click Delete along the bottom of the window and confirm you want to delete the record. The contact record is deleted and you are returned to the Contacts List. 

NOTE:  There may be rare situations where records associated with a contact cannot be reassigned and therefore the contact cannot be deleted. In these cases, you can simply rename the contact to indicate that it should not be used.

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