Removing Duplicate Contacts

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Sometimes you will come across multiple contact records for the same person and they will have matters against both of the records. This article will walk you through how to remove duplicate contacts.

  1. To remove one of the duplicate contacts, first, search the name in the search barSearch bar
  2. Open up both/all of the contact records for that person
  3. Decide on which record you are going to keep (best to keep the record with the most information filled in)
  4. Go into the contact record that you want to delete
  5. Click on and open any matters they have assigned to the contact
    The Matters tab within a contact record
  6. Go to "Parties"
    A Matter screen with the 'Parties' tab highlighted
  7. Click on the little box icon next to their name and click "Remove Party"
    The 'View Menu' within the parties tab with 'Remove Party' highlighted
  8. Now, you will need to add the contact name of the one you are keeping - click "Add" and add the contact record name of the one you are keeping.The 'Add client' search bar within the parties tab of the matter screen
  9. Search for the contact name of the record that you want to delete (Search bar at the top right of your screen)
  10. Ensure that there are no matters assigned to the contact record
    The 'Matters' tab within a contact record showing 0 matters
  11. Click "Edit"
  12. Click "Delete"
    The edit screen of a contact record with the 'Edit' and 'Delete' buttons highlighted

NOTE:  There may be rare situations where records associated with a contact cannot be reassigned and therefore the contact cannot be deleted. In these cases, you can simply rename the contact to indicate that it should not be used.

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