Actionstep Payments - Refunding Payments (Additional steps for trust refunds)

Modified on Thu, 26 Jan 2023 at 03:43 PM

This article explains some additional steps that need to be taken when refunding a trust payment that was made online. 


Step 1. You will need to refund the payment back to the customer following the instructions here: Actionstep Payments - Refunding Payments


As the refund above will be refunded from your operating/business account. You will need to complete the following steps to make sure that this is reflected in the customers trust account. 


Step 2. Withdraw funds from the trust account to the operating/business account (to account for the processed refund). Use the Trust - Make Payment option. 




Type of AccountDescription
AmountAmount of the online refund
Reason for paymentOnline Refund
Pay toYour company business record (as you are paying the amount into your business/operating account)
Electronic funds transfer information (*if required)Make sure to enter your operating/business account here. 
Upload fileUpload confirmation of online refund processed.


Step 3. Create a firm deposit to account for the funds that will be transferred from your trust account to your general/operating account. 




Type of AccountDescription
Deposit toBusiness Operating Account
Received fromYour clients' name as received from their trust account. 
AmountAmount of Online Refund
Note/DescriptionNote there that the payment is to cover the online refund from the client's trust account.
Upload fileUpload confirmation of online refund processed.


Step 4. Process physical transfer of trust account funds to your operating account in your online banking account. 

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