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Timekeeping settings are configurations you use when creating a Time entry. This article will go through each function of these settings.


Accessing the timekeeping settings

  1. Click on Admin.
  2. Select the General settings tile.  /helpdesk/attachments/150002489276
  3. Scroll down to the Timekeeping section.
  4. Click Save after making any changes./helpdesk/attachments/150002489277


Matter association - Dictates whether or not a matter is required for a time entry.

Quick- code - Determines whether or not a quick-code is required for a time entry. For more information, see System Preferences - Quick Codes

Description - Toggles if selecting a quick-code will automatically update the time entry description.

Track 'start' time - When turned off, “Start time” field will not appear on the time entry form. When turned on, a start time will be attributed to the time record.

Track hours worked - Dictates whether or not to track hours worked for reporting purposes.

Tasks require time entry by default - Toggles if 'Add time entry after this task is completed' is checked by default in a new task.

Tasks require quick -code - Toggles if quick code is required in a task.

Create time entry by default - Toggles if 'Create time entry' checkbox is checked by default in a new phone call record.

Start call timer automatically  - Toggles if 'Phone call timer' will start automatically in a new phone call record.

E-Billing description field - This setting designates which UTBMS/LEDES field description should populate the time entry description field when creating a time entry.

Minimum billable hours - Sets a minimum for billable hours entered. Billable hours entered below the minimum will round up to the minimum. 

  • This only affects billable hours and not hours worked

Minutes per 1 "unit" - Defines how long a unit is when recording time. For example, if a user entered "5u" into the hours field for a time entry that would be five units, five times the number of minutes you enter in this field.

Time Precision - Controls whether time can be entered to one or two decimal places


Rounding method - Dictates how time that exceeds the decimal places entered in precision below is rounded.


  • Swedish rounding

    • 1 - 4: round down

    • 5 - 9: round up

  • Round up

    • Always round up

  • Round down

    • Always round down

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