Deleting a Rate Label

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This article explains how to delete a rate label. 

Go to Admin > Billing > Rate Labels

A rate label can be deleted by accessing the rate label in Billing settings in the Rate label section. 



After accessing the 'Edit rate label' popup for the desired rate, select the Delete button.



Because rates may be in use, they must be merged into an existing rate. This will replace rate label settings for users, matters, and contacts that reference that rate. Existing items will still use the rate value with which they were created. 


This means if you have a rate sheet for "Lawyer" and you decide you want to create two new rate sheets one for "Senior Lawyer" and one for "Junior Lawyer" then you would set up rate labels as below. 


If you no longer want to use Lawyer and you decide to delete it, you have to merge it into another rate label this means that the name of the rate label will change to that of the one you are merging into. The rate value will not change but the label will. 


An example of the time entry before deletion using the "Lawyer" Rate Label. 



Deleting and merging the rate label into Senior Lawyer. 



Outcome after merging:- 




Now, this outcome may not be ideal as you may have time entries made by Junior Lawyers that you do not want to be merged into the Senior Lawyer rate label (remember the values will not change). 

If that is the case you have other options described in the FAQ section. 

To continue with the deletion. 

Next, enter a Reason for deletion.


Finally, select the 'Delete Selection' button.




Our rates are changed at the beginning of each financial year what is the best way to do this? 

The best way to do this is to change the rates on the first day of the financial year that way any preceding rates are correct and any future time entries have the new rate applied. 


I don't want my rate label merged into another one as I don't want the rate label to change, what else can I do? 

You could create the new rate labels and then mark the old one as inactive that way your current time entries remain the same with the same rate labels however your users can no longer use the previous rate label going forward as it is not active. You will only see this rate label in the Admin settings. 


Another option is to change the rate of a rate label that is in use. This will only change the value of those rate labels after you have made this change. It will not change the values of the time records that were made before you changed the rate. 

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